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There are normally no fixed dates for courses as we run them bespoke from a list of interested parties.

hunting for food

An introduction to Mindful Hunting and preparing small game for the table

guided hunting

The complete experience. Hunt, shoot and prepare a wild animal for the kitchen


A day course on the ecology and management of this wonderful but divisive creature

Deer at Dawn

Stalk in close with your camera to photograph wild deer during the mating season

Private courses

Bespoke days to suit your needs. We can travel and deliver at your venue or event



At its core, The Mindful Hunter is about re-connecting people with wildlife in a way that's mutually beneficial

All healthy ecosystems have an apex predator and in some contexts we can still fulfil that role in a restrained and balanced manner.

Our courses are held in beautiful places that allow you to escape from the demands of city life and the lure of digital devices.

We provide an open fire and a warm welcome to all comers, ensuring that whether you're dairy and gluten free, vegetarian or vegan, you'll be well fed with healthy, local produce that's been thoughtfully sourced.

The Mindful Hunter offers a unique countryside experience that will equip you with an array of new skills to deepen your bond with nature.  Shooting is just a part of what we do.

From deciphering the language of squirrels and birds, to learning about woodland ecology and animal behaviour, our programme is underpinned by experience, current research and the knowledge that even the smallest insect has much to teach us.

For those who care about what they eat, hunting for the table is an immersive way to reflect upon the modern food chain and the place of homo sapiens within the wider natural world. If you have strong opinions on hunting but have never met any hunters, we'd especially like to hear from you.