DEER AT DAWN - up to two people

Deer are the UK's largest and most graceful land mammal but their shy and secretive habits ensure that they're seldom seen or encountered at close quarters by humans.

However, with stealth, skill and a little luck it's possible to observe and photograph these creatures in the wild.

Armed with only a camera, we'll rise at dawn to stalk in close to the Master Buck as he holds his rutting stand, sees off young pretenders and grunts to summon does to service.

The Fallow Rut is a wild and beautiful event. Creeping near enough for a picture is a challenging and heart racing experience.

The day requires a moderate level of fitness and will involve crawling very quietly through dense woodland and understory.

5.00am - 12.30pm (Oct-Nov)

£135.00 per person (up to two)

Second breakfast and field brunch provided. We'll also forage some wild mushrooms.