Do you shoot live animals?

No. The only exception to this could be during 1-1 instruction where an individual's technical and mental preparation can be assessed. Most courses feature simulated stalking and the use of targets. 

I have a disability. What can you do?

Please let us know about your needs well in advance and we'll build the structure of the day around you.  Access to the different venues is generally on foot but if you don'd mind riding in the back of a 4x4 we can create a comfortable and enabling environment for most people.  Likewise, if any member of your party has a significant learning disability or any Special Educational Needs we'll make sure that their time with us is safe and enjoyable.

Is shooting safe?

Yes.  Shooting is statistically one of the safest sports and you're far more likely to suffer an injury on the football pitch than you are on a well run range.  All shooting activities are fully insured and take place under very strict safety criteria, being led by a qualified person working within NSRA and BASC safety guidelines.  We currently only use legal limit air rifles on our courses.

I need to cancel...



We'll always try to work around you but if you or your entire party need to cancel then you have the option of re-booking at a later date for no extra cost. If you are forced to cancel less than two weeks before the start of the course and cannot re-book then we'll refund 80% of the course fee only. This covers communication time, non-refundable event insurance and ground rent for the landowners who have to plan grazing, farm and forestry activity around us. 

What if it rains?

British weather being what it is, we always plan for rain.  In the event of showers or drizzle, the majority of activities can be adapted to take place under shelter. If the weather forecast is very bad then the course will be cancelled and participants will have the option to re-book at a later date or receive a full refund. Participants will be notified by email, phone and text the day before.

What should I wear?

There's no need to buy special clothing but try to avoid white or light colours if possible.  It's much easier to integrate into the landscape if you wear muted greens, browns, navy and black.  Camouflage is not necessary but cold weather gear and waterproof boots or wellies are essential.  No white trainers please.

Can I bring my own rifle?

No thank you. Good quality rifles will be provided and there's generally not enough time set up and assess whether other rifles are shooting legally.  If you've booked a 1-1 session then you may be able to use your own.  Please call beforehand to confirm and to make sure that you're transporting it legally.

What about insurance?

All participants are automatically covered by £10 million of Public Liability insurance.  You will not be covered for personal accident unless you wish to take out extra insurance which can be arranged for a fee of £20.00.

Can I bring my own knife?

No thank you. Good quality Swedish knives will be provided when necessary.