guided hunting - one to one

For those who want the complete experience of learning to stalk, shoot and prepare a wild animal for the table, we can provide the opportunity to learn in a safe, rigorous and welcoming, 1-1 environment.

With modern PCP air rifles it's possible for even the novice shooter to be able to take effective and humane shots on rabbits and squirrels after sufficient instruction. You'll embark upon your first hunt feeling fully prepared.

One to one instruction in the following:

  • Effective stalking techniques (known as fieldcraft)

  • Shooting from a bi-pod

  • Ecology

  • Field dressing your kill (paunching and gutting)

  • Wild game food hygiene

  • How to find shooting permission

  • Butchering your kill and preparing it for cooking

Comfortable, local accommodation can be arranged.

From £345.00 per day. 

N.B. You will shoot live quarry on this course.

Get in touch for more information.