Hunting for food - up to eight people

If you're looking to explore the world of hunting for the table in a relaxed and open minded atmosphere, Hunting for Food is a good place to start.  

This day course will give you the broad introduction you need to begin your journey practically and safely.  

For those looking to explore the world of wild food from an ethical perspective, Hunting for Food is a thought provoking starting point.

  • Shooting

Learn how to handle and shoot some of the best hunting rifles available and discover why the air rifle is such an effective but demanding tool for taking small game for the pot.

Even if you've never shot before, you'll leave having had great fun on the range.

  • Hunting tactics (Fieldcraft)

Heighten your awareness of the natural world through understanding animal track and sign, inter-species communication and our quarry's sensory world.

Through a series of practical group activities you will learn how to move like a hunter, making use of your natural environment to remain undetected; you won't see the woods in the same way again.  

  • Game preparation

Our society has largely lost its connection to the food chain. Through learning to prepare game for the table you will take part in the truly rare, humbling experience of skinning, butchering and cooking a wild animal.

You'll be able to take your meat home with you.

  • Sensory Awareness

An essential skill for anybody wanting to approach animals in their wild state. Learn how to focus your dormant instincts and reduce mental noise in order to fully integrate with your environment as an equal rather than a tourist.

9.30am - 4.30pm

There is no shooting of live animals on this course.

£95.00 per person (up to eight)

Lunch & refreshments provided.