THE GREY SQUIRREL - Up to eight people

In the UK, the grey squirrel receives a very bad press, mainly from foresters and bird lovers who's priorities are deeply at odds with its own. Bark stripping, egg poaching and the transmission of the SPV virus to their red relations, are often cited as cause for the grey's extermination.

However, the reality is that they're here to stay. This course is about balance not eradication and is designed to help you to take on the role of an effective apex predator in a woodland near you.

  • The Truth

The media is full of misinformation about grey squirrels. These sentient creatures are not 'verminous tree rats' but are an intelligent and adaptable introduced species, doing their best to survive in a foreign ecosystem. Before we hunt them we should learn to respect them.  We need them.

  • Shooting

Discover how to safely handle and shoot an air rifle and learn how it can be used as an effective and humane tool for squirrel shooting.

  • Animal Behaviour

Squirrels can be challenging quarry and it takes both skill and an intimate knowledge of their habitat and behaviour to hunt them effectively.  Despite the problems they can cause, they're fascinating creatures.

  • Preparation for the Pot

Although much more challenging to prepare for the table than rabbit, squirrel is a tasty, nutritious and low fat meat that lends itself well to curries, stews and beyond.  You'll learn how to skin, butcher and prepare this abundant source of protein for the kitchen.

  • Fieldcraft

From camouflage and hunting tactics to stalking and tree ID, this course will introduce you to the skills you'll need to hunt effectively and humanely in British woodland.

9.30am - 4.30pm

There is no shooting of live animals on this course.

£95.00 per person (up to eight)

There is a 20% discount for all members of the Small Woods Association.

Refreshments provided and lunch provided.